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Our COVID – 19 Response

ONEC Group Inc has researched and has come up with solutions to mitigate and slow the spread of the Novel Corona Virus. By leveraging our Partnership with Siemens we are able to clean the stuffy indoor air inside buildings and transform the air to as close to fresh air as possible through the use of Siemens Technology and specially designed proprietary systems.

ONEC Group Inc is able to mitigate the risk of infectious aerosols through the use of or Siemens Controller technology. By carefully managing RH (Relative Humidity) levels in buildings based on (Taylor and Tasi 2018) to 40-60% we are able to create an environment that is comfortable while minimizing risk. 

ONEC Group Inc is able to mitigate the risk of infectious aerosols through the use of Ultraviolet (UV)  technology. By utilizing UV-C (254nm) in our HVAC systems we are able to sterilize and clean the air, UV-C inactivates airborne infectious diseases by damaging the proteins that make them up. Breathe easy and work safely with ONEC Systems

ONEC Group Inc is able to mitigate the risk of infectious aerosols through the thorough use of best in class filter technology. By utilizing the highest class HEPA filters in ducts and ceilings (This technology also is found in our portable air filtration units.) we are able to trap and neutralize 99.9% of airborne infectious diseases. 

ONEC Group

ONEC Group Inc is a multi-discipline engineering and consulting company offering a diverse range of services such as Engineering, Construction, Project Management, and Geomatics. Our business success is driven by our ability to develop strong relationships with our clients by understanding their needs and requirements. Our engineering team possesses extensive knowledge of all aspects of commercial project implementation.

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Incorporated in 2000, ONEC is a mid-sized project delivery company providing exceptional EPC and EPCM services in Western Canada and the Western United States.

We provide our clients with multidisciplinary engineering, design, construction, project management, geomatics and surveying, logistics, and scaffolding services. We are the only firm in our industry and size range that offers this collective expertise under one roof. 


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